#socialworkontheroad what it takes to move mountains

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The weather in the Rocky Mountains. can be unpredictable at times.  You never know when a May snowstorm will have you in white out conditions on the top of Vail Pass or ducking for cover in a sudden hail storm leaving Carbondale.

Storms roll in and out of the Western Colorado valleys making it hard to know what the prepare for most days.  Which way will the wind blow next? In Western Colorado, you learn to dress in layers and have good snow tires.  Download the CDOT app and make sure to get to the nearest gas station if your windshield fluid gets even CLOSE to low on a winter’s night drive.

The students, faculty, field organizations, and staff members in the #WestCoMSWCommunity travel great distances every day so that they may foster enormous amounts of positive change. 

Social workers are professionally trained to weather the storm– whatever storm may roll in. The unknowing is something social workers are used to– and thrive in.  They are leaders because of their fortitude and courage when it comes to tackling this kind of ‘hard stuff’. Each and every day, the #WestCoMSW students, faculty, & staff, make the Western Colorado a more just and vibrant place to live.  Their impacts span the highest mountains and lowest valleys, reaching people in need where they’re at.

The #WestCOMSWCommunity represents some of the most beautiful people & terrain county. Thank you for all that you do!

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