Colorado Mountain College Sustainability Studies Conference 2016

The Colorado Mountain College Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies Program Conference is one of the best conferences in Western Colorado. This year, the community college is hosting its premier spring event, held the week of Earth Day bi-annually at its Steamboat Springs campus.

Rachel Forbes, Western Colorado MSW Program Director, participates as a member of the CMC community.  “I love being part of the CMC community.  In 2010 when the program was first getting started, I was still an MSW student in Monmouth County New Jersey.  In my post-MSW job search, I looked for jobs that focused on sustainability, environmental justice, and social work.  CMC was hiring folks to develop their sustainability studies program curriculum and I was hired to join the Summit Campus team.  I have worked for CMC as an adjunct faculty member ever since and it has been such a fulfilling experience. The CMC students are incredibly motivated and intelligent. Their passion for both the earth and its inhabitants is inspiring.” -Rachel A. Forbes, MSW


Sustainability Conference


Sustainability Conference


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