Field Education Spotlight: Roaring Fork Family Resource Center

Since 1995 the Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork School District has worked to make sure that Every Student can succeed Every Day.

During our 20 years we have helped students and their families overcome a variety of non-academic barriers to success.

By helping families to access supports for basic needs such as food, clothing, rent and utility assistance; dental, vision, medical and mental health; parenting, and enrichment; the Family Resource Center has contributed to the success of tens of thousands of RFSD students in the past 20 years.

The Family Resource Center is a unique public – private partnership that relies on support from individuals like you and organizations in the community, in addition to our partnership with the Roaring Fork School District, to help students achieve success from preschool through graduation.

This was an approved agency partner during our inaugural 2013-2014 year with one of our founding cohort students completing part of their internship here.rfframrsrc

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