Getting to Know your Graduate Student Association (GSA) representatives

GRADUATE STUDENT GOVERNMENT is the voice of the graduate student body.

The Graduate Student Government is a council of all the Graduate Student Associations (GSAs) at the University of Denver.

The GSG has two goals at the University:

  • One is to foster a sense of community among the graduate students.
  • The other to represent that community and its interests at DU.

GSG is the DU graduate community’s representative student government body. As YOUR representative, we are here to serve YOU and advocate for YOUR interests and concerns.

This year, the students Coulter Burch and Donnie Ryan are the candidates who will represent the Western Colorado MSW Program student cohort.

Each student will Skype into Denver as they hear news and updates to bring back to the region.  Thank you to Donnie and Coulter for their service!

IMG_0764 2

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