Dean Catherine Alter Award 2015: Reaching the Peak of Social Work Excellence

Dean Catherine F. Alter Merit Award

This prize is awarded to a student from GSSW’s off-campus MSW programs who most closely epitomizes the best of professional social work—a keen intellect, a passionate dedication to empowering underserved populations and a commitment to continuously improving practice.

Criteria for the award: This award will be made to a graduating MSW student who, in the opinion of the faculty, best exemplifies the qualities of a social worker. Recipients of the Dean Catherine F. Alter Merit Award demonstrate outstanding performance in the classroom, as well as the ability to conceptualize, articulate and communicate knowledge. Recipients also demonstrate the capacity for outstanding practice in their field internship and in the application of their knowledge of social work.


Stay tuned for award winner spotlight.  Dr. James Herbert Williams, Dean of the Graduate School of Social Work, will present the award on June 6th at the CMC Spring Valley New Space Theatre as part of the #WestCoMSW Student Recognition Ceremony 2015

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