#WestCoMSW Campus Spotlight: The Glenwood Center

“By partnering with the University of Denver, we’re able to help empower our local residents with greater access, so they can earn an advanced degree from a well-respected university.  “Not only will this degree prepare people for careers in social services, it will provide the highly educated professionals to meet a very real need in western Colorado communities.” – Dr. Charles Dassance, interim president of Colorado Mountain College in 2013 when #WestCoMSW launched.

“Our students who’ve earned a bachelor’s in sustainability studies will be able to feed into the University of Denver’s master’s degree.  “It gives them a pathway to an advanced degree, and to well-paying jobs. – Dr. Brad Tyndall, senior vice president of academic affairs at Colorado Mountain College.

From the beginning, Colorado Mountain College has always cultivated a strong partnership with #WestCOMSW.  CMC knows that its these types of relationships– those that foster capacity building and local economies– that will strengthen the Western Slope’s network of social support services (AND create career opportunities for people already living in the region).

Thanks, CMC.  #WestCoMSWCommunity appreciates all that you continue to do for us!

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